Although Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying the activities that winter offers. If you want to reminisce on the festive atmosphere or just have a few hours involving ice and snow, here are our suggestions about what you can do.

Indoor skiing and sledging


Although snow might not be frequent enough to go skiing, you don’t need to make an expensive trip to the Alps to be able to enjoy some snow. Actually, there are some good indoor places where you can ski or snowboard on huge slopes with alpine conditions. You might even think it’s better than the real ones as they have perfect snow surface, which makes it much easier for beginners.


Indoor sledging could be another good idea, especially if you want to involve all the members of the family. Surely the lack of snow in the UK doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t experience the great fun of snow and sledges.


Similar to sledging, tobogganing is ideal for more family entertainment. There are a few places where you can also have a race with your friends and family.



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