Although Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying the activities that winter offers. If you want to reminisce on the festive atmosphere or just have a few hours involving ice and snow, we have collected a few suggestions about what you can do. Today…



There are a number of ice-skating rinks that are still open after the holidays and if you’d rather freeze inside, there are some indoor ones as well (open all year round). Here is our London collection for some last-chance ice-skating:


Natural History Museum ice rink is open until 8th January, so you only have a few days left to enjoy skating while looking at the beautiful building of the Victorian-built museum


Likewise, the Tower of London ice rink is closing after 8th January, so head there if you want to experience the historical setting of the fortress.


The Somerset House ice rink is another great place to feel festive again and you can combine skating with visiting an exhibition or taking a stroll around Covent Garden.  Open until 22 January.


Canary Wharf  also has an ice rink if you’d rather skate in the city or if you prefer looking at tall, futuristic buildings with lots of lights. You can do this until 19th February.

Don’t forget that you need to book tickets beforehand for most of these!

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