Although Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying the activities that winter offers. If you want to reminisce on the festive atmosphere or just have a few hours involving ice and snow, here are our suggestions about what you can do.

Ice sculpting


If you thought ice was just a useless piece of water, think again! Actually, you can take a course in ice sculpting and create something exquisite out of it. If you don’t feel your artistic talent is ready for the challenge, you can just admire the amazing process of ice sculpting from a distance.


For all Londoners, take a look at these half-day workshops which might be a great new experience perfect for the winter weekends.


There is a festival going on 13 and 14 January in London when you can see some great pieces of artwork being created by sculptors from around the world. There are also all kinds of activities included with some areas covered with real snow!


In case sculpting isn’t your thing but ice is, you should make a visit to the Icebar in London, which gives you the memorable experience of having a drink in a bar where everything is made of ice.


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