With the increasing number of smart phone users, the accessories preferred to take with on travels have changed over time. Guidebooks, for example, are becoming increasingly old-fashioned, as they are usually not updated more than once a year and are in most cases not based on other people’s reviews – quite in contrast to our top three favourite app, Cool Places, listed below.

Here are our top five favourite travel apps that you might find useful on your journeys:

1. TravelTracker Pro

If you need an app that will manage your itineraries and update all information you might need, this one gives you live flight tracking and weather updates along with great calendar monitoring and expense tracking. Very helpful and really easy input. A must have for business travellers!


2. Pack&Go Deluxe

This app is especially useful if you’re going on a family trip and you need assistance with keeping an overview and staying organised. You can make lists and group them even while packing to ensure you don’t forget anything.


3. Cool places

This new travel guide series will surely be a great addition to your Smartphone as it will provide you with advice on where to eat, sleep or what to see and do. That is particularly helpful if you need a quick introduction to the area and its history along with reviews and tips. The only limitation that we have identified is that its destinations are restricted to the UK.


4. Departure Point

The beauty of this app lies mainly in its simple and user-friendly interface that tells you which airlines service which destinations. It’s free and quick to use and great help to you if you’re a frequent flier.


5. Wikitude

This app comes in handy when you’re exploring sights and want to know more about what you’re seeing. Simply take a picture with your camera and Wikitude will tell you what you’re looking at. This app uses augmented reality and also annotates the screen with notes on local restaurants, accommodation, etc. Amazing!

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