Tastes are definitely as diverse as people can be and the one person’s tacky is the next person’s treasure. Yet, there is something utterly pleasurable about the tacky souvenirs that get bought on vacation: a tasteless icon of cheap, plastic kitsch.

Now, at the end of your summer holidays, you might have a new such item decorating your shelf that you brought home as a token from your holiday.

We have collected the top 5 tacky souvenirs, the kings of kitsch, for you today. Feel free to post any additions you may have bought or seen in the past in the comments box below.

TOP 1. May also be used: collector’s spoons with colourful photo-stones

TOP 2. Decorates the shelf: stone-imitation miniature amphitheatre

TOP 3. Actually a useful item yet just too much: Pope Benedict XVI Lighter

TOP 4. Protection-giving: Porcelain thimble with colourful photo-stone

TOP 5. Great fun in China-Town: Maneki Neko, the Chinese Lucky Cat

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