If you love the thrill, but are getting bored with traditional extreme sports, these activities might be for you. Street Luge, Land Yachting and Horse Boarding are recently gaining a lot of popularity and are definitely great adrenaline pumpers.


Street Luge

Street Luge is a cross between skateboarding and more traditional Ice Luge, on which the rider lies down feet first. To steer, the rider moves their bodyweight, either by sitting up and leaning or rotating their body and hanging off the board. There are no brakes; instead the rider wears modified shoes and drags his feet on the road. This is a very effective way of stopping rapidly. A Street Luge will often out perform a car down fast technical roads. Riders can reach speeds in excess of 70mph while only an inch or two from the ground.


Land Yachting      

Land Yacht is a hybrid kart that partly looks like a luge and partly looks like a sailboat. Historically, Land Sailing (a prototype for Land Yachting) was used as a mode of transportation or recreation. Since the 1950s it has evolved primarily into a racing sport.

In order to have a ride you have to control a hollowed-out, brakeless kart by using directional foot pedals and pulling ropes to tilt the direction of the sail. If you get the wind behind you, you will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 40mph.

There are a number of basic types, or “classes”, of land yachts. Because of the very different nature of each class, they compete separately in races. The largest class of yachts are known as Class 2, which may have masts as large as 8 metres (26 ft). The massive sail area provides significant power, although the speed of Class 2 yachts can sometimes be limited by their large size.


Horse Boarding

The brainchild of a professional stunt horserider, this is a quirky mash-up of mountain boarding and horse racing. Wearing a batman-esque outfit, you are towed behind a horse around a course. Being taken all over the world in recent years, the third annual championships will be held later this year.

Adrenaline junkies stand on a mountain board while gripping a rope and attempt to maintain their balance as the horse is spurred into a gallop by its rider. The rush of acceleration provides the greatest thrill, with riders reaching speeds of 35 miles per hour in just five horse strides.

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