Travelling always brings some stress along even if you are going on holiday (especially if you are going on holiday with a big family!). Still, a trip can be fun and hassle- free as long as you stay organised. Here are our tips for a smooth journey to reduce potential problems and make travelling an enjoyable experience once again.

Things to avoid when you travel #1: make sure method of transportation is safe!


  1. First things first, make sure the flight /train schedule that you book allows you at least two hours of advance preparation time before a meeting. If your trip is not business related, make sure you have some time in between your arrival and the time you have planned to check into your hotel. This will give you some time to breathe and explore the options for transfer between the airport/station and your hotel.
  2. Check in online if you have the time so that you can avoid queues at the airport. Make sure you don’t forget to print out your ticket/boarding pass. It would be great if you have all the information about hotel reservations, phone numbers and addresses of the places you are staying at in a small folder or stored somewhere on your phone.
  3. Travel light - pack just one bag that you can use as cabin baggage. That’s how you will avoid the pain of having large suitcases to carry around airports/trains/taxis. You can save space in your bags by wearing your bulkiest items while travelling.
  4. Small liquid containers only. Make sure that the liquids you pack (contact lens solution/moisturizer, etc) are within the size and volume specifications of the airline/airport authorities. These must also be placed separately in a clear bag. That will save you a lot of hassle with the security if you’re taking the plane.
  5. Buy a snack and bottled drink from the airport so that you don’t have to pay extra on the flight- this gives you more options and also helps you eat healthier.
  6. Dress up comfortably. If you are going on a business-related trip and your meeting is close to your arrival time, it is best to travel in casual clothes and pack a suit in your bag so that you can emerge at the airport/station looking smart without having an uncomfortable journey.
  7. Pack clothes that are easy to wash and don’t crease easily. The best way to save space in your luggage is to roll them instead of folding but if you need to bring formal wear, keep these from creasing along the middle fold, by rolling a sweater or light jacket up and placing it in the fold.
  8. Take advantage of hotel amenities. You don’t need to bring shampoos and shower gels if your hotel provides them but a small aid kit might be useful, especially if you’re travelling with children where bruises are inevitable. Chargers and adapters are also important to bring along.
  9. Plan ahead where you want to go and what you want to do. Make sure you have time to visit all the attractions you are interested in if you are going to a place for the first time. Alternatively, buy a guidebook and schedule your trip on the plane/train.
  10. Finally, you want to be able to enjoy your trip whether it be for business or pleasure (there’s nothing worse than falling asleep on a tour bus or a meeting!) so check out our tips to avoid jet lag.


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