We couldn’t believe it when my Mum phoned us at work and screamed excitedly over the phone that we had won!

- Aimee

We are delighted to introduce you to the winners of our February Wedding Competition.

The lucky couple Aimee and Tom won their engagement party, their wedding as well as their honeymoon in Malaysia!

As for all our wedding guests, help by our Thistle staff to organise the big bash was part of the package as well. 


Aimee and Tom have known each other for four years as they have been working as hairdressers for the same hair salon in Brighton. It was only a year ago that they became a couple.

This year for Valentine’s Day, they stayed at Thistle Brighton and treated themselves to a full Valentine’s package. Yet, the big question wasn’t raised that week.

Although Aimee hadn’t seen this one coming, she had noticed that the particular ring that she had always admired in one of the shop displays had disappeared some time ago. It was only a week after Valentine’s Day that Tom popped the question. They both came from home, cooked together and out of the blue, Tom proposed.

It was also Tom’s idea to enter the Thistle competition, about which he had found out on the Thistle website when booking the room for their Valentine stay.

They were both at work when they found out that they had won. Aimee’s mum called them and screamed excitedly over the phone that they were the winners of the Thistle Wedding Competition. Both of them were very surprised but overjoyed as the prize had taken a huge burden off their shoulders.

As everybody usually only celebrates this special event once in their lifetime, weddings should be perfectly planned – but that is a time consuming activity. As for all wedding guests, Thistle staff will now help Aimee and Tom to get through the preparation part without any trouble. However, they will still add their own twist to this special day:

“We are both quite alternative, I have pink hair, Tom’s got plenty of tattoos. We want our wedding to be alternative too. Definitely we don’t want to have an orchestra but a small rock band!” says Aimee.

Although the wedding is planned to take place at Thistle Brighton next year in May, Aimee is already starting with the preparations: she is currently busy with choosing her wedding dress. She wants to have something vintage and unique.

Fortunately they don’t have to plan anything for their honeymoon, which will take them to Malaysia. Neither of them has ever been there and they can’t wait to relax and treat themselves after the busy wedding period that they will have gone through.

We will update you on Aimee and Tom’s story in few months to see how their wedding preparations are progressing…stay tuned.


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