Do you still remember Aimee and Tom, the lucky couple who won Thistle Wedding Competition?
We had a sneaky peek at their wedding preparations, which we would like to share with you.


Aimee and Tom have known each other for four years as they have been working as hairdressers for the same hair salon in Brighton, but it was only over a year ago that they became a couple. Tom proposed to Aimee in February this year and it was also his idea to enter the Thistle competition. They were thrilled when they found out that they are the lucky couple. As for all wedding guests, Thistle staff is now helping Aimee and Tom to get through the preparation part without any trouble.

Even tough they won their engagement party, the wedding as well as their honeymoon in Malaysia, they still have a long list of things to organize and prepare before the Big Day. The wedding is planned to take place at Thistle Brighton next year in May and they have already started the preparations: Aimee has chosen her dress, as well as the bridesmaids dresses. Also the decorations, the band, as well as the photographer have been booked. Tom is still to decide on his suit.

They both found it very stressful to find the best people to be part of their wedding. Trying to find the right band or photographer was extremely time-consuming. Aimee is convinced that the next few months will be even more full on and stressful: they still have to sort out the flowers and the wedding cake, as well as the seating plan and food choice. The next thing on their list are the wedding invitations, which were ordered last week.

When asked about plans for Christmas they said that this year they will spend Christmas morning in their new home with Aimee’s family, but will be also going to Huddersfield on the Boxing Day to see Tom’s family for a few days.
We will update you again in a few months on their progress in wedding preparation, so watch this space!
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