Manchester’s cultural diversity is what the city’s all about. The skies may be grey most of the time, but the city’s people and places make for a vibrant mix. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, Manchester is somewhere you can belong.



This multicultural, vibrant city has a lot to offer to the tourists. Below, we are suggesting 5 places that should not be missed when visiting Manchester:

1. The Lowry

This award-winning building is situated at the heart of The Quays at the waterside. Inside you can find two vibrant theatres, art galleries, a studio space and plenty of cafes and restaurants. The Lowry’s Lyrics and Quays Theatres offer a wide variety of performances and entertainment, from West End musicals, live bands, drama, to comedy shows, dance and opera. With the free entry to the gallery, you can enjoy the changing exhibitions of the works of LS Lowry, with additional variety of visual and performing arts.


2. National Football Museum

This is the world’s biggest and best football museum! You will learn how football influenced English culture and society over the last two centuries, as it tells the story from various angles: players, coaches, and football fans.  The museum also has an impressive exposition of sports artifacts, including the ball from 1966 World Cup final and Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ shirt. Football fanatics will love it, but even those of you, who are unfamiliar with the game will enjoy the place.

Afflecks Palace

3. Afflecks

All the enthusiasts of quirky shopping should visit Afflecks, which is Manchester’s answer to Carnaby Street,  located in the North Quarter of the city. The building was once occupied by a department store called Affleck and Brown, hence the name. Nowadays the place it filled with dozens of independent stalls, small boutiques and tattoo studios, and became a real emporium of eclecticism. It’s a fantastic place to shop for something ‘a little bit different’ from usual high street goods.


4. The Royal Exchange Theatre

Once the biggest trading room in the world, the building is more impressive than ever. The Royal Exchange theatre impresses with its colours and gold capped Corinthian columns supporting three elegant domes. The building became a home to the Royal Exchange theatre only in 1976 and was voted the best in the country in 1999. You can come here to see the classics by William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Oscar Wilde, or Anton Chekhov, but the Royal Exchange is also one of the country’s leading theatres for new writing, with more than 125 premieres!


5. Castlefield, Urban Heritage Park

The Roman fort was built in Castlefield in AD 79. Later, this became heart of industrial Manchester, a landscape of enormous, weather-stained brick buildings and rusting cast-iron relics of canals, viaducts, bridges, warehouses and market buildings. Castlefield has now been redeveloped into an Urban Heritage Park, where you can enjoy a walk around partially reconstructed Roman fort and oldest railway station in the world. In summertime, the area attracts thousands of people, who spend long, warm evenings in its fine pubs and trendy restaurants.


If you wish to visit Manchester and explore it’s hidden gems, get in touch with our team at The Portland Hotel, which is one of the few hotels in Manchester City Centre directly opposite Piccadilly Gardens, the hub of City’s public transport system. 

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