What’s that aroma that beguiles and entices you to get out of bed in the morning? Most likely, it belongs to an innocent cup of coffee. Coffee is by now the one drink that a lot of us rely on to help us prepare for a long day. When you’re wilting away at your desk mid afternoon in the office, there’s nothing quite like taking a coffee break.


Not only can coffee make you perky enough to rival a meerkat, it’s quite beneficial in terms of your digestion too. Whether in the form of an espresso shot after an especially heavy business lunch, a cappuccino to jumpstart your day, or a latte with an apple while you wait at a train station, it always seems to be the right way to help us throughout our business days.


Coffee may not have the long and intricate history that tea enjoys, especially in British culture, but it’s got quite a lot going for it as well. In fact, London is quickly becoming a hot spot for independent coffee shops.


Tempted to swirl your own cup straight away? Thought so. To help you in your quest for the right caffeine hit, here is a list of independent cafés all across the UK that you can pop into the next time you’re in the relevant city.


We hope you get time to check these places out and tell us what you think. Do you have a favourite café in any of these cities? Comment and let us know. 


The Warehouse Cafe,

54-57 Allison Street


B 5 5TH






The Grind House

126 Nicolson St







This is just a ten-minute walk from

the Atlantic Tower Thistle hotel.

The Mocha Lounge

20 Sir Thomas Street


L1 6BW





Undoubtedly one of the best places

offering Monmouth coffee in London

Fleet River Bakery

71 Lincoln’s Inn Fields

City of London



Tip: This is just a few blocks away from our hotel in Holborn,  The Kingsley!



Moocow Coffee

11 St James’ Square

Manchester M2 6WH



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