The Grand National is known as the toughest test of horse and jockey in the world.

It is also the most popular horse race held in UK and is to take place on Saturday 14th April this year.



The first running goes back to 1836 and the horse that won that race was also the winner of the next Grand National two years later – lucky Sir William. There are 16 unique fences and all of them are topped with spruce from the Lake District. The fences have an extra difficulty added: the landing side of the fence is lower than the take off side, which means that the horse approaching the fence is unaware of the drop until it is in the air.

Halfway through the course is the canal turn, a fence with a 90-degree turn after the jump.  Yet, the challenges don’t end there; you have to be able to get through a water jump, open ditches and large fences. There are many tales about horses and their accomplishments like the Red Rum – the only horse in history of the Grand National to win the race three times.


It’s proximity to Liverpool makes it even more exciting, as there’s plenty to do and see in one of the European capitals of culture. For more tips on what to do in Liverpool, check out our previous post on the city. For a full and comfortable experience, the Atlantic Tower is located just minutes from the Aintree Racecourse.

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