Have you ever wondered, how hotels create their restaurant menues?

Well, we at Thistle like to do things properly, which is why it took 50 hours of cooking over 4 days of joint efforts and skills from our five top chefs to develop a new summer menu for our hotels.

We thought we’d allow you a look behind the scenes at this sizzling event…

Between 19 and 22 of February, five of our chefs from across the country, Marcel Korpelshoek from Aberdeen Altens, Billy Campbell and Graham Headland from Glasgow, Gary Shacklade from Haydock and Simon Webster from Thistle Marble Arch, took on the challenge of creating a new summer menu for Thistle.

The aim was to create theatre style dishes with a customer-centric approach, in other words: focus on the ingredients quality, presentation, colour, flavours and variety.


Before our chefs could start the menu makeover session, they spent three days planning out how everything could be brought together. That also involved collating all sorts of feedback from Thistle Management and kitchen teams.

The chefs worked closely with procurement (Red Kitching) to source products at competitive prices, so that all the dishes could be offered at affordable prices to our customers.

On that occasion, with presentation being a vital part of the process, 10 new tools were introduced to each Thistle kitchen to enable a presentation of the dishes as a feast for the eyes.

Within the 50 hours, our hard-working Fabulous Five created 200 amazing dishes in total, used 400 ingredients from 15 suppliers and the photographer Charlie Stewart took over 500 shots. – A lot going on in such a short timeframe!


Year on year, Thistle has experienced 10% growth in our Food & Beverage overall customer satisfaction scores, which is why we feel obliged to continuously improve the quality of the food we serve in our hotels.

Each time, it takes eight weeks in total from start to finish to create a new menu, but the results are well worth it…

Come in and convince yourself at one of our Thistle hotels.

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