With fifteen countries and more than 200,000 people expected to take part in the events, The Big Draw is back again this year to encourage everyone to draw in order to see, think, invent and take action. If you love drawing, or you think you can’t – there are events and activities you shouldn’t miss this month!


Since its launch in 2000, The Big Draw has successfully supported the Campaign for Drawing’s aims by encouraging everyone to draw. The Campaign for Drawing is an independent charity which raises the profile of drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. Its long-term ambition is to change the way drawing is perceived by educationalists and the public. This has won support from leading practitioners in the creative industries and in art, architecture and design colleges, signalling an overdue realisation that drawing is fundamental to the training of students in these disciplines. The Campaign takes a wider view. It sees drawing as a basic human skill useful in all walks of life.


Every year the Big Draw campaign gets more and more creative with their art mediums meaning that you can draw and create pictures with almost anything. Printing, mosaics, mobiles, sandpainting, graffiti, wire sculptures and fire drawing have been just some of the amazing ways in which you and your kids have been able to participate in the Big Draw London events so far. Making cartoons, paintings, portraits, maps and illuminations are just of few of the ways in which you can put your artistic talents to use during the month.


This year’s theme is ‘Draw Tomorrow’, encouraging the participants to think about the ways in which the future can be mapped out, including drawing up sci-fi fantasies, city planning and new sustainability ideas. There are numerous activities addressed to people, who would like to support this amazing event, and they include: plant drawing at Chelsea Physic Garden, drawing “tomorrow’s canals” at the London Canal Museum, drawing sessions at the V&A Museum or  Royal Navy sailors Tattoo design drawing on the HMS Belfast.

The annual Big Draw festival runs throughout October, with over 1000 organisations in the UK and fifteen other countries participating and offering events for all ages and abilities. You can find your nearest events here.

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