As soon as Monday and the dreaming-of-last-weekend mood is over  (or in other words, as soon as Tuesday starts) it’s that time of the week for me to start thinking about weekend plans.

I have to admit that daydreaming about weekend activities is one of my favourite things to do during my daily commute, while having lunch, or during a quick tea break at work.

During the winter, planning for weekends is rather easy, as you wouldn’t even consider going for a picnic or any other outside activities. Planning during spring is another matter, and it can be quite challenging.  There have been many hikes and BBQs that have been cancelled as a result of rain. If you haven’t been a victim of such plan-destruction by the weather you either don’t live in Britain or you must have a special connection to a weatherman.

But regardless of the season or weather there is an essential part of the weekend that I look forward to and that is a lazy Sunday morning. No work, no more partying, no more planning for a while. Sundays: the only day when being lazy is absolutely ok.

This is why I’m sharing with you the my ultimate-relaxation recipe for an easy Sunday:

  1. Forget the alarm clock was ever invented
  2. Get a good few hours of undisturbed sleep
  3. Have breakfast in bed
  4. Catch up on the week’s news
  5. Eat whatever you want without a calorie count
  6. Don’t mention the next day to avoid Sunday blues (really, just don’t mention it)
  7. Go to a gym simply to use the sauna or have a relaxing swim (no strenuous workout!)

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The offer includes a Saturday night stay for 2, breakfast in bed until 12noon (or Sunday lunch), late checkout at 6pm, free newspaper, use of leisure facilities and great Sunday night rates to extend your weekend further!

So don’t worry about checking out early or rushing to pack. Leave the worrying and rushing for the next day.


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