The beautiful weather welcoming April has been causing sudden urges to spend all day outside and go on holiday. Luckily, with long weekends coming up, there are plenty of things you could do to make use of the sun!

Our most recent series on Green Travel will give you the perfect low-cost eco-friendly travelling ideas. From scenic national parks to impressive train adventures, if you’re a cycler or a hiker, check out for a fun family day out!

If you feel like exploring culture and history around UK, here we have set out on a roadtrip around the country, so use our posts as guides – there’s advice on where to go, where to eat and what to do. Great for a long weekend!

Travelling is definitely the thing to do this spring but you might need some advice on how to do it in style! Check our series for tips on how to say safe, useful apps and gadgets to make your trip even better and stress-free.

If you’re feeling history-enticed, our Famous English Travellers series is definitely the right place to start. Maybe you can pay visits to the travellers’ hometowns or you can take a trip to famous ports to feel the history around.

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