It’s a common problem: you feel tired and sleepy throughout your working day, only to find that when your head hits the pillow… well, you just can’t seem to switch off!

Suddenly, your mind springs to life, wondering what colour tie to wear at tomorrow’s presentation, if you locked your door properly on your way out, or whether you should have strawberry or raspberry jam on your toast in the morning. Sound familiar?

We’re told all the time that sleeping well is essential for your physical and emotional health. In fact, getting enough sleep is a necessity for a healthy life, so, surely there’s a way of stopping those anxieties and helping you to feel so relaxed and carefree that you slowly drift off into a lovely, relaxing deep zzz…

Sleep well, feel well – our tips

Get comfortable

The importance of a comfortable bed is often underestimated. Relax in soothing, neutral soft furnishings, and sleep on a Hypnos mattress, known to be the most comfortable in the world.


Quiet surroundings are vital for a good night’s sleep. Use earplugs, and banish any light buzzing noises that may stop you from nodding off. If you’re away on business, take advantage of the ‘Quiet Zones’ at your hotel, shut yourself away and enjoy complete and utter peace.

Avoid stress

Try to be in a relaxed state of mind before going to bed. Avoid watching the news or anything that may cause you stress. Curl up with a good book – maybe use a reading pillow and settle into your favourite novel before slowly drifting off to sleep…

Forget your alarm clock

Be Lazy! If your schedule permits, set your alarm clock a little later than usual. This will help you to relax during the night and help you to ease into your day.

Enjoy a good breakfast (and if you can find someone else to bring it to you in bed, that’s even better). That way, you’ll be less likely to run out of energy during your working day.





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