As St. Albans is only 22 miles (35 km) from central London, it’s a great option for a quick getaway. It also has thriving cultural life, along with beautiful scenery and rich historical past.

Abbey Gateway was built in 1365 and is the last building that remains of the Abbey in St. Albans. In the past, it was used as a prison for a while. For over 140 years, it has been part of St Albans School.

The Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans is the second longest cathedral in UK. Most of its architecture dates from Norman times and its tower has bricks from the Roman ruins of Verulamium. It also has a shrine that is dedicated to St Alban who was Britain’s first Christian martyr.


The Clock Tower used to be one of the entrances to the medieval Abbey and is also the site of an Eleanor cross. Moreover, the Clock Tower is the only medieval one of its kind in the country and has five floors displaying its varied historical past.

The Verulamium Museum reproduces everyday Roman life in Britain through recreated rooms, discovery areas and video presentations and it also displays some great mosaics and wall plasters. The museum hosts many activities one of which is a scheduled invasion by Roman soldiers demonstrating their military tactics and equipment.

The Sopwell Nunnery is a ruin from a Tudor mansion built in the 16th century. The house was built on top of a medieval nunnery that was built in 1140.  Along with a historical atmosphere, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around the ruin.

Suggestions for lunch or dinner:

  • If you are a fan of fish and grill, try this stylish restaurant, winner of Best Restaurant in St Albans: Lussmanss
  • Another place that offers delicious food and excellent service is Darcy’s
  • St Alban’s Market dates from 1553 and is the site of many different products and stores. Explore this famous location for fish, herbs and other interesting and diverse goods


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