Newcastle is one of the largest cities in England and is definitely one of the most exciting ones whose foundations were laid as a Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall. Nowadays, it is known for combining impressive heritage with being one of the best places for nightlife and events in the country.

This is what we would recommend for you to explore:

Gateshead Millennium Bridge is the world first and only tilting bridge. Despite being only a foot and cycle bridge, it attracts thousands of people from all around the world. Make sure you check the times it ‘blinks’ before you go.


Grey Street and Grainger Town is where 40% of the buildings in the area are listed as historically or architecturally important, so a stroll around is recommended. Look at the list and choose the ones that interest you most or just explore as you go.

The Angel of the North is Britain’s largest sculpture and is designed in a way that it can withstand wind of over 100 miles per hour.


The Castle Keep –  one of the few Norman stone castles left, it was built by Romans as a fort and it was the castle that gave the name of the city. Its ancient past and the view from the top of the tower are why this is worth visiting.


Blue Reef Aquarium is the perfect idea for a family trip as it’s entertaining for both children and adults. The displays are imported from all around the world and the harbour seals, octopuses and Asian otters are a great attraction not to be missed.


National Glass Centre hosts award-winning exhibitions and ideas through glass as well as events and experiences like the One to One Glass Blowing experience. You can also visit hot glass viewing and see how glass is created.


Metrocentre is the biggest shopping and leisure centre in Europe with over 340 shops.  Hence, it is an easy option to cater for your shopping needs.



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