The birthplace of Captain Cook is located in the heart of the North and is close to various historic destinations. In 1801 the city was still only a farm of 25 people but it has now grown into a beautiful city with a typical Nordic atmosphere.


Captain Cook Birthplace Museum ­– visit this great museum that takes you on an exciting journey through Captain Cook’s life and his life as one of the world’s greatest navigators and mariners. The museum is also in the beautiful landscaped grounds of Stewart Park, which makes it perfect for a family trip.


Roseberry Topping – if you’re up for a bit of a trek, this is the one of Britain’s most distinctive hills that you must definitely do. The rewarding scenery that comes up after this satisfying walk offers magnificent views of Middlesbrough’s unusual landscape.


Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge is the furthest transportation bridge in UK whose magnificent size spreads across River Tees. It is the only one of it kind and provides you with a full bridge experience. Not to be missed!


Nature’s World is the place to go if you’re a fan of eco-experiences and you’re planning a family visit to be interesting for both young and old. There are different areas that include informative signage, family trails, solar powered talking posts, educational play parks, a giant bank-side slide, an interactive sustainability challenge, 2020 future world, etc.



Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art opens doors on 30 November and is the hottest new attraction in the city. With many exciting exhibitions lined up, MIMA is a must-see for all the art lovers.


For eating out, don’t forget to try the famous Middlesbrough parmo. This variation of Chicken Parmesan invented in the area is served all around town and is the perfect take-away snack.


  • Mike’s Return is apparently the best place for parmo and offers anything a modern restaurant does and if the weather is bad; they also deliver
  • Maharaja Tandoori offers a great and affordable range of Bangladeshi food if you’re a fan of the South Asian kitchen.


Middlesbrough is also a hotspot for designers and designer brands

  • Psyche is an award winning company in the fashion industry and it also hosts a Christmas Fain on Saturday, 10 December


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