The largest city in Scotland is built within an outstanding Victorian tradition and thus, impresses with a beautiful, friendly atmosphere.  Being a trade centre in the 18th centre, Glasgow has grown into one of the largest cities and financial centres in the UK. Here’s our selection of the most interesting attractions around town as well as the best places to eat!

St Mungo Museum is full of galleries exploring the religious movements around the world through outstanding pieces and artefacts. If you’re interested in religion or history, this is the place to go.


People’s Place and Winter Gardens was built to be a cultural centre for the community but was later transformed into a museum of Glasgow’s social history, telling the story of the people and the city from 1750 to the present day. There’s also a beautiful fountain in front.


A little bit less of a traditional attraction, the Necropolis is a Victorian city of the dead, which offers a tour around its crypts, mausoleums, ancient Egyptian catacombs and cenotaphs. It’s definitely worth a try!


The Lighthouse is Scotland’s architectural and designs centre and has lot to offer. It is also worth climbing to the top floor of its tower to witness a stunning view of Glasgow’s cityscape.


Glasgow has over 90 parks spread around town and although the weather might not be the best, Kelvingrove Park is a must with its green lanes, old trees and benches along the river.


While being there, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Mu​seum is well worth a visit with rich displays with international importance. You will surely find at least one of those 8000 objects interesting.


For shopping we suggest you take a stroll around Auchiehall Street, and Argyle Street , running parallel to each other and joined by Buchanan Street.



  • If you’re not sure what kind of food you feel like having but you’re not willing to sacrifice its quality, the best rated restaurant in Glasgow is Two Fat Ladies.
  • For not too expensive but great traditional Scottish food, try the Black Sheep Bistro.
  • If you’re a fan of Indian food, make sure you try Charcoals for a tasty curry.


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