The capital and the largest city in Wales – Cardiff is amongst the most popular destinations in the UK. Its rich history dates back to Roman times and the Romans were the first to settle here and build the foundation walls of the famous Cardiff Castle. Still, Cardiff is just as modern as any capital, so it successfully mixes old with new. But beware, Cardiff is extremely flat which means it’s windy and the average temperature even in July is only 16 °C.


Cardiff Castle is by far the most popular attraction in the city as its history spans over 2000 years. The walls of the building have had Romans and Normans staying there until the Bute family transformed it into a romantic castle with gothic elements.


The National Museum Cardiff hosts some of the greatest impressionist works outside of Paris. Not only this, but it also has collections of artifacts, and offers a whole journey that demonstrates the Evolution of Wales, bringing you face to face with dinosaurs.


Millennium Stadium is where many famous artists and great sports icons have stood, so you can book a tour that will take you around the VIP boxes, the dressing rooms and the players’ tunnel.


St Fagans National History Museum is one of the greatest open-air museums in the world. It displays Wales heritage in a unique way by re-erecting houses, farms, schools, etc around the beautiful St Fagans Castle. There are also exhibitions of costume and other festivals and dance events. Not to be missed!


Cardiff Bay is a great area full of restaurants and bars where you can also book cruises around the bay and Bristol Channel. You can also explore attractions like The Norwegian Church, go shopping in the Mermaid Quay or take a stroll around the docklands.



Our suggestions to still your appetite:

1) The Social is Thistle’s restaurant that offers you a distinctively different dining experience with an award-winning celebrity chef.

2) Try Mimosa Kitchen and Bar for some tasty traditional Welsh food and impressive contemporary design.

3) Cardiff Market has great range of products and meals for food-lovers.



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