Travel direct from Thistle London Heathrow to Terminal 5 by pod.


The future has arrived, on our doorstep!  Travel between the hotel and T5 in just 5 mins, for only £5*.

 *price is per person, per journey and to be paid upon at the hotel.

Travel direct from Thistle London Heathrow to Terminal 5 in the revolutionary new pod. The perfect way to arrive at one of the world’s busiest international airports.

The only hotel: with direct access to the Ultra pod network
Modern, eco-friendly: journey via driverless electric vehicle
Heathrow Express: travel on to any other terminal for free
Park and fly: 600 on-site car parking spaces from just £7 a day


One of the first people to try our Heathrow POD services was Scarlet Jones, who wrote about her experience on her blog:

“I have to admit that when the hotel had phoned me to enquire whether I had heard of the Pod I thought that it was an expensive sounding gimmick, but boy, was I glad of it now.  At the futuristic little station tucked away in Terminal 5 consoles rather than ticket officers waited, their screens glowing invitingly in the muted light, lined up alongside little docking stations behind a glass screen.  As I followed the very simple instructions on the screen an unmanned electric cart trundled into view.  Parking up next to the waiting business man standing at the next station I watched as he stepped in.  My Pod was not far behind and I gratefully collapsed onto the wide seat, whilst a soothing recorded voice welcomed me to the experience and advised me to remain seated. Smoothly and almost silently we whizzed along a little roadway, up and down ramps and bridges, crossing over main roads packed with cars.  The journey took just five minutes and I very quickly found myself in the car park of the Thistle.”



For my detailed instruction of how to find the Thistle - Heathrow POD, Click HERE

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