If you’re a piano player or just love street music, this initiative will definitely steal your heart. Play Me I’m Yours is one of the sweetest happenings in London this summer!

Streetpianos initiative has been started in 2008 by British artist Luke Jerram. The idea was to install 600 pianos all over the world in parks, stations, galleries and markets. This summer London is hosting 50 pianos spread around street corners, painted and decorated by various artists. This lovely initiative  has been invited to London as a part of the City of London Festival: Golden Jubilee. The Festival is organised every year and is the best opportunity to discover London’s hidden cultural life with wide variety of music and arts events, including exhibitions, tours, concerts and family happenings.



If you would like to join the initiative you can attend one of the scheduled events by Friday, 13 July. You can even create your own event that gets published on the official website. For those of you who aren’t in London this summer, you can check out the latest public uploads: those feature great performances from talented pianists from all over London.



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