This week for our On the Road With feature, we spoke to our guest Enzo Testa, the Managing Director of Archant. As the UK’s largest independently owned regional media business, Archant is active in regional newspaper and magazine publishing, contract printing and also internet communications. For the MD of such a multifaceted publishing house, travelling is part of every month’s schedule.


1) What is your favourite part about travelling for business?

My favourite part about travelling for business is once the journey is over and I have arrived at my destination ready to start the day.


2) What’s the first thing you do when you get to your hotel?

Check in, unpack and read up on facilities


3) What is the one thing you cannot do without when you’re travelling?

I could not leave the office without my mobile phone. It is an essential part of my job to be able to be contacted and contact others at any time of day and it doubles up because I can also send/receive emails on my mobile as well.


4) What do you love most about your job?

The variation, the innovation and the development of digital media.


5) Room service, or eating out?

I prefer to eat out and explore the surroundings of the area in which I am working, especially if the conferences I am attending are in the same hotel I am staying in.


6) What’s the most unexpected experience that has occurred to you on a business trip?

I have been given wrong rooms, such as the honeymoon suite when I am a single occupancy, but I have also been given incredible room upgrades which has improved my business trip vastly!


7) Your number 1 advice for business travelers is…

Pack your bags! Always have a duplicate set of bathroom essentials and phone charger and leave the duplicates in your travel bag, this ensures you are always prepared and can never forget anything.

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