As part of our On the Road With feature we’ll be interviewing a series of professionals who travel frequently for work so they can tell us about their experiences and provide their seasoned advice to our readers!

Our first interviewee is music executive Anna Siegel, North American Store Manager for the music download store,  7digital. Having worked for various record labels before, Anna has travelled to faraway places for the sake of music. We caught up with her right after her trip to the SXSW music conference in Austin, Texas.


What is your favourite part about travelling for business?

Having face-to-face meetings is so much better than having conference calls all the time. Things actually happen during business travel. In my business you get to meet a lot of musicians, which is always fun, and you get to register music scenes that you’ve only seen in statistics before. When I travel I get to really see what different music communities are about.


What’s the first thing you do when you get to your hotel?

A flight attendant once told me that I should always check the bathtub, the closet and under the bed for a creepy stalker. I do that now all the time! The next thing I do is take a picture of the room. I’ve been doing this for years just for fun and plan to do a little photography project with all the pictures I’ve accumulated.


What is the one thing you cannot do without when you’re travelling?

My laptop.


What do you love most about your job?

I get to do small talk about something I’m passionate about. That’s pretty lucky.


Room service or eating out?

Both.  However, as a vegetarian there are usually few options for room service so I’ll have to search out a restaurant with more options, but if I’m too tired to go out I’ll take the one vegetarian option on offer.


What’s the most unexpected experience that has occurred to you on a business trip?

When I worked at Putumayo World Music I got to take a helicopter ride from Vancouver Island to Vancouver to get from one meeting to the next. That felt pretty glamorous.


Your number 1 advice for business travellers is…

Work through the exhaustion! It will pay off in the end.


Find out more about 7 Digital here.

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