Celebrate the summer bank holiday with the dazzling dresses and flamboyant flavours of the Notting Hill Carnival


Billed as one of the biggest street festivals in the world – second only to the internationally renowned Carnival in Rio de Janiero – the Notting Hill Carnival drew more than 1 million visitors last year. The two-day party is held every year on the last weekend of August in west London. A huge parade, featuring dozens of floats and dancers decked out in elaborate, jewel-encrusted costumes and sky-high feather headpieces, opens the festivities on Sunday.


The carnival is a celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture and traditions, inspired by the Caribbean celebrations of the 19th century, held to recognize the abolition of slavery. The first carnival in Notting Hill, held in 1964, showcased local steel band musicians, who continue to keep a place at the heart of the festival. But if for some reason that’s not your thing, you can also move your feet to calypso, soca, reggae and R&B well into the night.


But perhaps the best part about the Notting Hill Carnival is the food!

There will be plenty of jerk chicken and fried plantain to feast on, so make sure to come hungry.

Happy Carnival!



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