Today we had the chance to experience the newly opened ‘Marmor Grill’ at Thistle Marble Arch.

It was a true treat as we got to enjoy its delicious creations and marvel at its new design. It was definitely one of the best lunch breaks we’ve had in a while so of course, we thought we’d share a little bit about it with you!

The Look

The hotel’s restaurant was just refurbished, and it has a 1930s theme which immediately had us imagining a glamorous 30s themed party, complete with feathered hats and a Glenn Miller soundtrack (more on that below).

The theme is subtle but it comes through not only in the furniture and décor but also in details such as the glassware and cutlery, which added to the feel of sophistication to the place.

Down to the last detail: Each menu features different photographs related to the Marble Arch Hotel.


Each menu provides some information on its picture.

The Food

Whether you are vegetarian or meat lover, looking for a hearty meal or a light bite, we can promise that you won’t leave The Marmor Grill hungry.

After much mulling over our choice, we decided on breads with olives, oils and balsamic vinegar as a starter, followed by the house’s specialty: the steaks.

Thanks to the charcoal oven that heats up to 300°C, the meat can be cooked within 4.5 minutes, leaving it succulent and cooked to perfection.

Even though we’re not big steak lovers we absolutely had to try it after hearing about this and we can assure you, we were not disappointed.

We recommend trying the Casterbridge rib eye for a soft and juicy cut, or the grilled sirloin steak with béarnaise sauce, which tasted like a little piece of steak heaven.

Love at first sight: Grilled sirloin served in a thick wooden board with chips and sauce in miniature chip pan sieve and saucepot.


If you have a sweet tooth like us, you might know the feeling of always having a little room reserved for the sweet finale of a great meal. Again, the decision between lovely creations such as Knickerbockerglory, chocolate crème brulée with orange shortbread or roast baby pineapple, vanilla ice cream and honey was not an easy one. We finally decided for the chocolate fondant with Madagascan vanilla ice cream.

Simply amazing! The chocolate fondant was warm and filled with chocolate sauce and perfectly complimented the cold vanilla ice cream, which was presented in an eatable, crispy biscuit cup.

Jazzin’ it up

After lunch we wandered over to the Glen Miller bar. Rumour has it that Glen Miller himself used to hang out in the bar as he used to own an apartment in the building that is now the hotel. The bartender will be happy to prepare one of his lovely drinkable deserts – Who ever said tangy lemon meringue pie, iced raspberry trifle or tiramisu were for eating only?

Overall, a great experience whether you’re staying at the Marble Arch Hotel, if you want a sophisticated lunch/dinner, or simply a break from the bustle of Oxford Street after a day’s shopping. For more information and to book a table, please call us on 0871 376 9027 or visit our website.


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