The Easter Egg Hunt is one of the most beloved childhood traditions. This year, even adults can get take part in the excitement with a special event taking place in London.

This spring, all the Egg Hunt loving Londoners can be thrilled to take part in the extraordinary event organised by the artist jeweller Fabergé.

Over 200 special eggs have been hidden throughout the capital city inside buildings, hanging on monuments, and even squished in between phone boxes.

Not only it is a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends but also you get the chance of winning a Faberge Diamond Jubilee Egg worth over £100,000 each time you find an egg.

And for those who would like to own one of these unique eggs, there will be an auction at the end.

The eggs have been decorated by famous artists, designers, architects and jewellers like Sir Ridley Scott, Zandra Rhodes and the Chapman brothers and will all go to auction at the end of the campaign to raise £2 million for two charities:

Action For Children and the Elephant Family

An award for successful Egg-Hunters is also ensured as you can submit the unique code on each egg via text for a chance to win £100,000.

The hunt runs for 40 days and will finish on 3rdof April.

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