Living outside of London shouldn’t be a reason to have a stressful journey to London Heathrow Airport and worrying whether traffic might make you miss your flight.

No matter how many times you’ve done it, there’s still something special about flying off on holiday.

However, there’s nothing like getting up at 3am and driving halfway across the country to the airport to ruin part of it.  It’s the same story coming back too: after a few hours in a 747, a long trip home is the last thing you need.


To save you the hassle, Thistle has several hotels close to UK international and regional airports, offering you to park your car while you’re on holiday. This allows you to stay over if you’re catching the red-eye, or landing in the small hours and knowing that your car is safe.

Check our website for details on specific hotels and their offers.

Thistle Heathrow currently has a promotional offer for 8 or 15 days. Check the website to book and get more information!

We hope to be able to make your start and end to your holiday a more relaxed and pleasant one!

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