Because we think giving back is important, we’ve have partnered with the Springboard Charity, which provides education and relevant support services to help young people, the unemployed, and disadvantaged groups prepare for work in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry.

What does this mean? That we got the chance to support and help young and talented people who want to make their way in the hospitality industry.

One of them was Kelly, and her story is quite special to us.

After leaving school she had no idea how she was going to deal with the pressure of supporting herself and her family. She knew that travel and tourism interested her but did not know where to start. Her teachers encouraged her to enrol on Springboard’s Summer School programme to give her the confidence, direction and training. This is how she came to work for us at the Thistle Barbican.

Kelly worked in the front office, where she was given the experience of dealing with customers and seeing how their requests are dealt with. We are happy to say that the experience confirmed her passion for the hospitality industry and that she is now enrolled at the Westminster Kingsway College to study a course in Travel & Tourism.

Kelly still works part time at the Thistle City Barbican hotel as part of the reception team, where she is able to reinforce and put her training into practice.  We feel very happy and proud to work with her.


Would you like to help too? It’s easier than you think!

If you’d like to support the Springboard Charity through us you can do so when you check out of any Thistle Hotel.  We’ll ask you if you want to pay an extra £1 on your bill, which will go directly to the Springboard Charity. It’s that simple.

We also organise a few individual fundraisers throughout the year, like the one we recently had where we put our French Financial Controller Noel Etxegaray in the stocks at the front of the hotel before the Wales France Rugby game. We asked every Welsh supporter that walked past if they would like to donate a £1 to charity and throw a wet sponge at a French man! It worked. No harm in having a little fun while working for a good cause we say.

To know more about the Springboard Charity please visit


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