There are hundreds of historic pubs and inns in Britain. They not only attract for their great interiors but also have a noteworthy story to tell. We picked 5 pubs, which we think are particularly interesting spots for pub lovers.

1. The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, Liverpool

The Phil (affectionately called by regulars) was built in 1858 and is mostly known for the splendid décor: gilded iron gates, marble urinals in gents’ toilets and mosaic floors. Located between Liverpool’s two towering cathedrals, The Phil is definitely most impressive Victorian pub. The interior, with every little surface decorated gives an impression of a baronial hall. Not only tourists love the place but also local people gather here, as they are very proud to have such a wonderful pub in their city.

2. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Supposedly the oldest pub in Britain! Carved out of rock at the foot of the Nottingham Castle. The sandstone caves below the castle, which are proven to be the site of a former 11th century brewery, are incorporated into the pub building.

The name comes from its legacy, as the pub is said to be the place where Richard the Lionheart’s crusaders were stopping off for a swift half before heading to join the battles with Saracens.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is regarded by many historians as the oldest pub in the country, dating as early as 1189AD.

 3. The Eagle, Cambridge

The Eagle is famous for its 20th century associations rather than the old age. One of its frequent customers was Alan Turing, who was later called into service to help break the codes of the German U-Boats’ Enigma machine. The Eagle was also the place where Frances Crick and James Watson announced they had discovered the form of DNA.

The Eagle was originally called The Eagle and Child. It only included two of the three sides that surround the beer garden. The north side (RAF bar) was built or rebuilt in the 19th century and has been much altered. The west side dates circa 1600, and consists of two storeys with cellars and attics. In the late 1980’s the pub went through an extensive refurbishment and enlargement.

4. The Marmaid Inn, Rye

The Mermaid Inn is a picturesque pub on one of the cobbled streets of Rye. The atmosphere here is very unique. As soon as you walk through the front door you can feel the aura of pirates and smugglers who frequented the Mermaid Inn over the centuries.

The pub has also been popular among artists from the stage and scene. The inn has charmed Charlie Chaplin, Pierce Brosnan, Andy Garcia and Johnny Depp. Even Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and Prince Edward are on the list of its famous guests.

 5. The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Known locally as the ‘Ox’, it is the favourite watering hole of Inspector Rebus, created by the author Ian Rankin. The character may be fictional, but this cosy pub is very real indeed. The pub has been an inspiration to many writers and artists. It’s the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that makes it a perfect spot to have a pint and read a book.

Another undisputed advantage of the Oxford Bar is the quality of its beer. The pub regularly mentioned in the annual CAMRA Good Beer Guide and is said to be one of the best pubs in Edinburgh for beer.


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