You know how it starts. You’re on a healthy streak. You’re actually sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions and you have run to work/hit the gym/walked your dog at least three times a week. You have opted for salad and fruit for lunch instead of your beloved meatball marinara sub. Not to mention you have quit the burrito stand around the corner from your office. That was hard. You still stop by to say hi to Carlos every once in a while.


In short, it’s all going according to plan, that is, until the first business trip of the year comes along.  It’s incredibly easy to lose the healthy streak in a different place, where business lunches abound, working hours are extended, and where there’s an always-reliable fast food joint at the airport or train station.


When healthy choices seem scarce, it’s easy to give up altogether on a balanced diet. You tell yourself it’s ok. You need to be social and eating is a social activity. It would be rude to say no to dessert. It probably doesn’t count anyway since you’ve been running from meeting to meeting. So you indulge; you’re working hard after all. You’ll be good once you’re back home.


If you’re like us, you get back home and you have definitely lost all the good intentions you had and have proceeded to let yourself go… for the rest of the year. However, frequent business travelling need not be the end of a healthy lifestyle, which is why we’ve put together a few tips to stay healthy on the road:

1. Skip the biscuits in meetings. Small but crucial step. One by one those biscuits will make you sleepy. Opt instead for a piece of fruit or a small granola bar. Better yet, make sure you don’t leave your hotel without breakfast, this way you’ll be less tempted to snack during a meeting.

2. At the airport or train station: look for a smoothie stand.

3. During business lunch and dinner: Eat foods that de-stress you. These include bananas, broccoli and salmon all of which help reduce your stress levels. Bananas high in potassium will improve blood pressure, salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids help elevate your mood, and broccoli’s folic acid prevents irritability (Check out Life Hacker’s complete list to foods that de-stress you).

4. Vending machine smarts: if for some reason this is your last option always choose a granola bar over crisps and chocolate. Your body will thank you later.

5. Indulge a little: a business trip doesn’t need to feel like a constant exercise in will power. Allow yourself to indulge once, look forward to it, and you’ll enjoy it more.

6. There’s always another day: Just because you’ve let yourself go one day does not mean the rest of the trip has been ruined health-wise. Jump back on the horse and tell yourself you can be healthy “just for today.”

If you’re staying at one of our hotels ask the restaurant for a healthy menu, they’ll be happy to suggest tasty low-calorie dishes.
We’d also love to hear about your eating healthy tips for the road as well as recommendations for healthy bites in your city, so feel free to add to this list below.




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