St Albans  is mostly known as an English Cathedral City. But there is so much more to discover…Two thousand years of colourful history with Roman remains and the impressive medieval architecture, beautiful green parks and landscapes plus excellent attractions – St Albans will enchant you!


St Albans is best known for its impressive cathedral, which is the oldest site of  Christian worship in Britain. It is located on the grounds, where Saint Alban, the first martyr, was buried after giving his life for faith over 1700 years ago. Saint Alban consequently gave the town its modern name.

Back in the Roman times St Albans was called Verulamium and the ancient Watling Street lead through the city. Today the Roman city remains unexcavated, converted into park and agricultural land. For those who would like to explore St Albans’ ancient history, we suggest visiting the Verulamium Museum, which offers a wealth of Roman exhibits, beautiful mosaics and reconstructions of Roman interiors. Once a month the visitors also have a chance to meet Roman Legion XIII on guard. More recent history can be explored at the Museum of St Albans, which presents city’s history from the end of the Romans onwards.


Another ancient monument that should not be missed, when visiting St Albans is the Clock Tower, which was used for look outs, alarms and curfews. Built in the early 15th century, St Albans Clock Tower is the only medieval example in this country. Today you can climb the 93 winding steps and enjoy the views from the top.

If you would like to combine historic sightseeing with some shopping, visit St Albans street markets, which date from the 9th century. The markets are probably the most colourful and vibrant street markets in the South of England. The numerous stalls offer everything from fish to fancy goods, so you will be spoilt for choice.


After exploring the city, there is no better place to relax than Thistle St Albans – a four-star, traditional  hotel. Thistle St Albans (The Noke) continues a tradition of hospitality dating back to Victorian times, when the nearby A1 was still the Great North Road. It has 110 bedrooms, including 44 Deluxe bedrooms and Suites, and six meeting rooms, the largest seating 250 people theatre-style. With our landscaped grounds, easy accessibility and ample free parking on-site we are the top choice hotel in the area.

If you feel tempted to discover St Albans’ history and its hidden gems get in touch with our reservations team at The Noke on 0871 376 9034



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