For all the ones who don’t let go of their camera whilst on their travels, here is our selection of useful camera gadgets to let you capture moments even better than before.


1. Camera case that turns into a stand!

This super gadget is much more advanced than a stand because it wraps around curvy surfaces and allows you to set up your camera in unusual places. Finally you can be in the pictures you’re taking without having to ask strangers to take them for you!


2. Iphone Tripod Holder

If you do use tripods, this holder will be extra handy for you. Fits perfectly around your Iphone and is available for a lovely low price!


3. Solar Charger

If you’re going on a trip where electricity is scarce or unavailable for a while, you should consider packing an alternative so that you do not have to sacrifice taking as many pictures as your camera’s memory card allows. Affordable alternatives are solar chargers that work anywhere you are on the only condition that some sunlight will be available.


4. Black Rapid R-Strap

This is not the ordinary camera strap; it’s a sling that has a special sliding bracket that you attach to your camera. That’s very useful as you don’t need to take the sling off, you can just leave it at your hip when you’re not using it.


5. GPS locator

If you can never remember where it was that you took this or that particular shot, the GPS locator may be something for you! This module can be attached to your camera and will automatically embed location data into every photo you take. No extra processing needed!


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