The history of Hever Castle begins in the 13th century. It was originally a country house, which was then converted in 1462 into a manor by Geoffrey Boleyn who held the post of Lord Mayor of the City of London. You can still notice the remains of timber dwelling within the stone walls of the fortification. Soon after the conversion the Boleyn family moved to Hever Castle and Anne Bolyen together with her siblings Mary and George grew up here.


Not long after Anne married King Henry VIII, she was executed together with her brother George. Their father Thomas Boleyn died three years later, and the Hever Castle came into the possession of Henry VIII, who gave it to Anne of Cleves upon the annulment of their marriage.

Since 1983 the castle has been owned by Broadland Properties and open to the public. Inside the castle you can find historic Tudor portraits, furniture and tapestries. The Council Chamber in the oldest part of the building contains amazing collection of swords, armour and instruments of execution, torture and discipline. Visitors can also enjoy a fascinating exhibition of miniature model houses, that shows the history of English country houses from mediaeval to Victorian times.

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