Today we would like to take you on a tour around Bodiam Castle, which is said to be a perfect example of  late medieval moated castle.

Bodiam Castle was built in 1385 by Sir Dalyngrigge, a former knight of King Edward III. Even though it wasn’t large enough to garrison many soldiers, it was ideally situated for successful defence from militant rural populace as well as the French invasion. However more recent studies show that the castle was built for show and entertainment of foreign merchants and dignitaries, rather than as an effective defence (which would explain the walls of Bodiam Castle being only two feet thick).

Quite a big part of the interiors survived to give an impression on how the castle looked like back in the days. Spiral staircases, battlements and the courtyard are the main attractions, however the most impressive part is the castle’s original wooden portcullis, which is an extremely rare example of its kind.

The best way of finishing the tour around the castle is to climb up to the top of the towers to admire the wonderful views of the Rother Valley.

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