Home to the Duke of Norfolk, Arundel Castle was built during the times of Edward the Confessor and was later completed during Roger de Montegomery’s time who incidentally later became the master of this impressive castle. 

The castle has been home to many famous families related to the crown and nobility. Arundel Castle, which was devastated due to a fire that broke out during the seventeenth century was later renovated and brought back to its former glory and beauty.

In 1846, Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert visited Arundel Castle for a few days. Henry Charles Howard, 13th Duke of Norfolk had remodelled the castle in time for their visit . Almost every part of the castle that the Queen would visit was re-furbished and exquisitely decorated to meet Royal standards.

The 16th Duke had planned to give the castle to the National Trust but following his death in 1975 the 17th Duke cancelled the plan. He created an independent charitable trust to guarantee the castle’s future as an economically viable residence, and oversaw restorative works.

The Arundel castle’s records, footmen, and groundsmen all repeatedly account to the vision of ghosts. There are said to be at least four ghosts at Arundel Castle, one of them being a young boy.

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