Lent is drawing to a close and it is nearly time to enjoy the joyous festival of Easter. We managed to get hold of our busy chef Martin as he readies himself for one of the biggest feasting events in the year and got him to share with us a traditional Easter recipe.





1 ripe mango

Caster sugar to taste

Lemon juice to taste


Peel and de-stone the mango, liquidize until smooth. Add the lemon juice and sugar to taste. Pass through a fine strainer and store in a fridge until needed.


1/4 ltr / 1/2 pint full fat milk

50g / 2oz. Caster sugar

1 vanilla pod

3 medium egg yolks

Pinch of salt

1/4 ltr / 1/2 pint double cream


Beat yolks, sugar, salt & flour until pale. Bring milk to just before boiling point, flavored with the vanilla pod. Pour onto the yolk mix, pour into a clean pan, stir until boiling point and then pass through a fine strainer. Cover and cool. Whip cream until soft peaks and fold in the cold cream mixture.




100g / 4oz plain flour

100g / 4oz rice flour

100g / 4oz caster sugar

100g / 4oz unsalted butter

1 medium egg (beaten)

Pinch of salt


Sieve flours and salt into bowl. Rub in the butter until breadcrumb texture. Mix in the sugar. Bind with the egg until you have a stiff paste. Press the mixture into the tin to a depth of 1/4 inch. Bake in a pre-set oven at 175C / 375F until golden brown (approx 20 mins). Turn out whilst hot and cut quickly into fingers. Cool on rack and when cold, store in an airtight container.

Serve with small pile of caster sugar (salt) and same of grated chocolate (pepper).

Enjoy your dish and Happy Easter everyone!







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