Even if you have seen these lakes before, you will always remain overwhelmed by their natural beauty. These most amazing British lakes attract tourist from all over the world.

Buttermere, Cumbria


A combination of lakes and mountains made Lake District a popular touristic area. Buttermere, being one of the most picturesque lakes offers not only great walking paths around its perimeter, but also it’s a place where majority of people start their walk to the summits of Haystacks and Red Pike. Another attraction is the Lake District’s highest waterfall, situated close by. The lake is owned by the National Trust, forming part of their Buttermere and Ennerdale property.


Loch Lomond, Scotland


Loch Lomond is the largest lake in Great Britain. Located only 14 miles from Glasgow it’s easily accessible and very popular among water sports and boating enthusiasts. However it’s also a perfect destination for less active pleasures like hiking, picnicking or playing golf in the nearby Loch Lomond Golf Club. Thanks to its amazing scenery and unique atmosphere it has been enjoyed by generations of Scots.


Lake Vyrnwy, Wales


Situated on the edge of The Snowdonia National Park, amidst Berwyn Mountains and in a short distance from Lake Bala, Lake Vyrnwy offers breath-taking views of national nature reserve and plenty of other attractions to keep you occupied. Those of you interested in architecture can admire imposing dam and the aqueduct built in 19th century while bird lovers will discover several RSPB bird hides of peregrine falcons, red kites, buzzard and goshawks. Apart from that, you might be keen on boating, cycle hire, walking and horse trails, and all these activities can be enjoyed in the unspoilt open countryside with spectacular waterfalls.


Loch Ness, Scotland


Loch Ness gained its fame thanks to the eponymous monster, affectionately known as “Nessie”. The lake is second largest in Scotland by surface area, however due to the great depth (its deepest point is deeper than the height of BT Tower in London) it is the largest Scottish lake by volume. The area around the lake offers natural wonders and various historic attractions. The most popular is probably the ruined Urquhart Castle. Even if you are not lucky enough to have a glimpse of the mysterious “Nessie”, we can guarantee enjoyable time in a beautiful scenery.


Black Park Lake, Buckinghamshire


Even if you have never been here before, the Black Park Lake may seem somehow familiar. Located in Buckinghamshire, the lake has been used by filmmakers on many occasions. Thanks to the nearby Pinewood Studios the lake appeared on all of the Harry Potter films, some of the Bond films, Sleepy Hollow and many more.



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